Secret Postcard Exhibition

3 - 15 May 19

Secret Postcard Exhibition




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Free Admission

Now a major event in the national art calendar, the RWA Secret Postcard Exhibition offers you the chance to view all 200+ exquisite miniature artworks up close and to place some early bids before the Secret Postcard Auction Event

All of the postcards in this auction have been submitted anonymously by professional artists and the identities of who did which postcard remains secret until the auction ends.

Each artwork measures around 7" x 5" (19 x 14 cm) and is signed on the back, so buyers either have to guess who the big name artists are or just buy what they like. Bidding starts at just £40, which is a very reasonable price for a unique piece of art, and if it turns out to be by a Turner Prize winner or other leading artist, it might just be the bargain of the century! 

This year we have received contributions from many internationally acclaimed artists including Basil Beattie, Dame Joan Collins, Eileen Cooper, Susan Derges, Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, Antony Gormley, Bill Jacklin, Allen Jones, Anish Kapoor, Christopher LeBrun, David Nash, Ana Maria Pacheco, Nick Park and so many more.

The artists who have contributed original artworks this year are:

Helen Acklam · Norman Ackroyd RA · Julia Adams · Peter Amos RWA · ashar · Malcolm Ashman RWA RBA · Victoria Atkinson · Lucy Austin RWA · David J Backhouse FRBS FRSA RWA · Louise Balaam RWA · Derek Balmer PPRWA · Hannah Battershell · Glen Baxter · Denis Baxter RWA RBA · James Beale RE RWA · Nicola Bealing RWA · Basil Beattie · Martin Bentham RWA · Iain Biggs RWA · Clive Blackmore RWA · Vera Boele-Keimer RWA · Diana Bourdon Smith RWA · Olwyn Bowey RA ARCA RWA (Hon) · Martyn Brewster · Holly Brodie · John Brooks · Meg Buick · Emma Burleigh · Charles Burton · Susan Caines RWA · Rebecca Cains RBA RWA · Neil Canning · Prof. David Carpanini PPRE Hon. RWS NEAC RCA Hon. RBSA RWA · Jill Carter · Nigel G Casseldine RWA · Marco Cazzulini · Trevor Challinor RWA · Amanda Chambers · Rebecca Child · Ann Christopher RA · Mary Collett · Dallas Collins RWA · Dame Joan Collins · Eileen Cooper RA · Glenys Cour · Helen Craig · Louisa Crispin · Dr. P. J Crook MBE, RWA · Yvonne Crossley PhD RWA · Anthony Curtis RWA (deceased) · Toni Davey RWA · Toni Davey · Patrick Daw MA (RCA) RWA · Kate Delhanty RWA · Susan Derges RWA (Hon) · Simon Drew · Sara Dudman RWA · Chris Dunseath RWA · John Eaves RWA · Jenny Éclair · Martin Edwards · Karen Edwards RWA · Wendy Elia RWA · Tracey Emin CBE RA · Susan Foord RWA · Elle Ford · Peter Ford RE RWA · Ros Ford RWA · Alice Freeman · Ant Garratt · Stewart Geddes RWA · Gilbert & George · Sarah Gillespie RWA · Anna Gillespie RWA · Christopher Glanville RWA · Christopher Glanville RWA · Leslie Glenn Damhus RWA · Anton Goldenstein · Antony Gormley · Paul Gough PhD MA RWA FRSA · Jenny Graham · Jenny Graham · Leonard Green · Adam Grose MA · Jemma Grundon · Stacey Guthrie · Frances Gynn RWA · Trevor Haddrell RWA · Maggi Hambling · Susie Hamilton · Nicola Hancox · Marcelle Hanselaar · Andrew Hardwick RWA · Niki Hare · Jennifer Harris RWA · Tim Harrisson RWA · Patrick Haughton · Anne Hicks RWA · Thorie Hinds · Fiona Hingston · Simon Hitchens RWA · Terri Hogan · Prof. Ken Howard RA RWS RWA PPNEAC · Laura Howarth · Moira Huntly PPS RI RWA RSMA · Robert Hurdle RWA (Hon) · David Inshaw RWA · Bill Jacklin RA · Stephen Jacobson VPRWA · Lesley Jones · Judith Jones · Helen Jones · Allen Jones RA · Juneau Projects · Anish Kapoor RA · Janette Kerr PhD PRWA · Catherine Knight · Nicky Knowles RWA · Abigail Lane · Andrew Lanyon · Cynthia Lear RWA · Christopher LeBrun PRA · Fan Lee · Kim Lintern · Denis Masi · Gail Mason · Kate MccGwire · Bridget McCrum RWA · Jenny McGee · Mali Morris RA · Jenny Morse · Alice Mumford RWA · Neil Murison RWA (Hon) - deceased · David Nash RA · Maureen Nathan · Nina Ogden · Chris Orr RA · Ana Maria Pacheco · John Palmer RWA · David A Parfitt RI · Nick Park CBE · Janine Partington · Giles Penny RWA · Ruth Piper · Michael Porter RWA · Sandra Porter RWA · Charlotte Price RWA · Simon Quadrat PPRWA · Sophie Rae · Nik Ramage RWA · Peter Randall-Page RA RSA RBS RWA Hon D'Art · Mike Richards RWA · Carol Robertson RWA · Fiona Robinson RWA · Rosalind Robinson · Gill Rocca · Anne Rothenstein RWA · Cecilia Rouncefield · Rebecca Salter RA · Terry Setch RA RWA · John Shakespeare RBSA · Miriam Sheppard · Christopher Shurrock RWA · Dawn Sidoli NEAC RWA · Jennie Slater · Paul Spooner · Laurie Steen RWA · Mark Stopforth · Barrington Tabb RWA · John Taulbut RWA · Dr Paul Thirkell RWA PhD · Paul Thomas · Louise Thompson · Onny Thomson · Sheila Tolley RWA · Nicholas Turner RWA · Elizabeth Turrell RWA · George Tute RWA (Hon) · Stephen Walter · Gordon Ward RWA · Arthur Watson PRSA · Janet Watson RWA · Deborah Westmancoat RWA · Sue Whale RWA · Anthony Whishaw RA RWA (Hon) · Melanie Williams · Glo Williams RWA · Lucy Willis RWA ·

This year we will be accepting bids on Secret Postcards both at the RWA and via an online auction (keep your eye on our e-newsletter for the link). 

The final, exciting Secret Postcard Auction Event will take place at the RWA on Thursday 16 May. Click here to book your tickets to the Live Auction

Interested in buying art? 

This year the Secret Postcard Exhibition coincides with the RWA Open Sculpture Exhibition. Head upstairs to our main galleries for your chance to browse and buy art from hundreds emerging and established sculptors.

Opening times

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5.30pm

Sunday 11am-5pm

CLOSED Mondays

Last admission 30 minutes before closing. The RWA occasionally closes early for special events. Please call ahead or check the website for details.

Please note that the galleries will be closed to the public on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 May 2019 as we will be hosting our annual Secret Postcard Auction in the evening of Thursday 16 May.

We will also be closed on the May Day Bank Holiday (6 May) and Whitsun Bank Holiday (27 May).

Academicans' Gallery, RWA, Queen’s Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 1PX