Ruby Yellow and Blue, Eleanor Carter

School: QEH School

Year group: 13

Medium: Painting, Photo and Papier Mache

The first piece is inspired by Solly Smook and the beautiful golden light that covers the earth in the evening before a sunset. 

The second piece is a series of a pair of photos that explores the use of flowers as adornment. They were part of a project that looked at the relationship between flowers/ nature and the human form. This photoshoot identified how we use flowers to accentuate the beauty of the human form.

The third piece is a sculpture that I made out of papier mache. This was part of a microbiological art project. My specific focus was pathology, disease and death. The aim of my project was to recognise that death and disease did not always have to be portrayed as ugly. For example when looking at disease under a microscope, the intricate patterns and colours observed can be stunning! I painted some patterns that I observed under a microscope on the paper mache head to imitate disease taking over the body. This was inspired by Juliette Clovis who is a ceramist that creates porcelain heads with beautiful patterns on them. For my final piece I intended to also create a porcelain head with microbiological patterns on it that I constructed from my research. Unfortunately, I was not able to do my final piece because of course my exam was cancelled due to the current situation.