Rhythm of Ageing, Madeleine Berridge

School: Badminton School

Year group: 11

Medium: Stitch and charcoal


For my exam brief I chose to respond to the topic of rhythm. I responded to this by looking into life cycles and the rhythm of ageing.  

This is a random stitch piece I have done at home, of one of the images I was going to do in my exam in charcoal. I decided to use random stitch to show texture as I have been doing lots of charcoal recently and fancied a change. This piece is actually of me as a baby as I was going to do a series of three pieces for my exam one of me as a baby, one of my mother and one of my grandmother.

These are my additional studies in charcoal to show the rhythm of ageing. The

first is a happy baby and the second is of Ian Mckellen.