Peter Ford RE RWA: Out of Order

16 Jul–18 Aug 19

Peter Ford RE RWA: Out of Order



Peter Ford is a printmaker and paper-maker, with his most recent work has focusing on colour, texture and pattern. Peter has exhibited widely across the UK and internationally, most recently in Macau, China. He also runs the Off-Centre Gallery in Bristol specialising in art on paper.

'Out of Order - Beginnings and Endings

Why ‘Out of Order’? I have been interested in order and its opposite for most of my life. The word chaos is often used too casually when what is experienced may be just a form of order not yet recognised or a state of uncertainty between forms of order. In childhood I used to prise up path stones in the garden so that I could watch the apparent chaos of an ants’ nest. Was there order below the stone before I caused the earthquake?'

Apart from being sometimes visually interesting and curious technically, what on earth is my artwork about?  I ask myself this. Possible answers: some of it is about communication and my largely unsuccessful attempts to learn languages. Out of this has developed an interest in scripts such as Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Some of my work is about the effects of time on surfaces and about ageing and mortality.  Remembering and Forgetting. This last is a theme shared with many other artists in later life. Evidence of these preoccupations can be seen here and in some of the pieces now at Off-Centre Gallery.'

Admission is free.


Images L-R: Fanfare, 2018, paperwork,130 x 108cm; Episode 3 – with Runic script, 2019, paperwork, 50 x 36cm; Hexagon 2, 2018, archival digital print, 20 x 20cm; On Site 3, 2018, cast paperwork, 25 x 21cm; Diamond Stitch Work, 2018, archival digital print, 20 x 20cm


Peter Ford RE RWA: Out of Order Gallery