My Father is the Invisible Man, Maddy Attwood

School: Clifton College

Year group: 13

Medium: Oils

My Father is the Invisible Man - my father had just been diagnosed with dementia, and I wanted to capture what was left of him before the disease fully took hold.  However, in the process of creating this painting I realised he was much further gone than I had thought.  This painting serves as my last testament to my dad.

Portrait of My Gran - my gran's death was drawn out, disgusting and upsetting.  She died at home over the course of a week, meaning that the family was heavily involved and that her death was not sanitised like it would be in hospitals.  It was her time to go, but the indignity of it all made me angry that she could not die with the grace with which she had lived, and I wanted to capture that frustration at the reality of death in this painting.