Meet the Artist: Anna Gillespie

1 Feb 2020

Meet the Artist: Anna Gillespie

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Saturday 1 February 2020 11am–12:15pm

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Join Academician Anna Gillespie in an informal talk about her practice


Anna has said about her practice: I am fundamentally a figurative sculptor, exploring both personal and political themes through the sculpted human form. 

From 2008 until 2015 I became deeply involved in a series of works which reflected my concern for the environment and our human impact upon it.  For this work - my ‘Gathering Project’ - I used found tree materials such as acorns, acorn cups, galls, twigs, bark, and beech nuts casings to make figurative sculptures which attempted to capture the feeling of immersion in nature.  Many of these pieces were then cast into bronze with the associated transformation of the ephemeral and into the permanent.  Working closely with a foundry over the years on this project has been an important and fulfilling part of my practice

Recent visits to Africa and America have shifted my focus away from the natural environment near my home, to the way in which humans are influenced by the man-made environment and perhaps give my more recent sculptures a more alienated and urban feel.

I am also interested in exploring the personal experience of feminine aging.