Mechanical Mind, Will Edlin

Year group: 11

School: QEH 


Title: Mechanical Mind

Brief: Our identity and appearance is the most defining feature of any human. As soon as someone loses their identity, it is almost as if they have become de-humanised. This idea of de-huminisation is something that I  tried exploring with this piece of work, where the mechanical half represents a binary and robotic perception of the person.

Title: Sunshine In The Rain

Brief: I created this image in response to the theme of things that are hidden in plain sight. I drew inspiration to use the yellow umbrella from the iconic images of yellow taxis jumping out from the black & white background of New York.

 Title: Clown Trio

Brief: This piece of work was inspired by the masked work of American artist Butch Locsin. To emulate his work, I used different types of posture and poses to tell give the people in the photo their own characters, despite not being able to see their faces.