Life Painting - Zoom class

5 June 2020

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Tutor - Laurence Kell

Fridays, 10am - 3pm | 3 weeks

Starts Friday 5 June 2020

This course is intended for those who are confident with life drawing and feel ready to graduate to working in full colour. Topics will include composition, structure and tone. Each week there will be a different model and pose. Support and feedback will be provided by an experienced tutor.

Before booking please read the Terms and Conditions below. 



Participants must be 16 or over.

No materials are provided for this course but we will email you the list of materials needed and recommended suppliers. The cost of this course has been reduced because of not being able to provide students with materials.

By attending the class you are agreeing to the conditions that; you are not allowed to take any screenshots of the class or record it with a device. Also throughout the class you will keep your own camera/webcam turned on so that we can see who is attending.

Cancellation Policy: We do not offer refunds on this class. If eligible for a discount please contact or call 07756501508. Discounts must be applied when first purchasing your class and cannot be given retrospectively. 



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