Abstract Realities: Carol Robertson In Conversation with Stewart Geddes

2 Nov 2019

Abstract Realities: Carol Robertson In Conversation with Stewart Geddes

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Saturday 2 November 11am-12.15pm

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RWA president Stewart Geddes and Carol Robertson are long-term friends, mutually appreciative of one another’s work. Both are exploring the language of abstraction but in very different ways.

Robertson makes paintings and prints using a wide variety of geometric formations but is perhaps best known for her archetypal circle paintings. She sees the circle as the purest, most perfect of all geometric forms and has explored its universal resonance throughout her career.

“I have always been searching for my own abstract equivalents for the world around me even though my painting is firmly rooted within the formal logic of measured geometry. My paintings are never disconnected from the real world: they are my response to a changing, ephemeral world, contrasting geometry with atmospheric colour fields symbolic of the flux of nature.”

Colour is Robertson’s key to unlocking her meditations. After first making luminous unstructured colour fields of poured oil paint, she draws and then over-paints geometric motifs with dynamic colours that animate the geometry. She sees each painting as being an abstract reality, a record of time and place, a mix of memory and sensory experience.