Creative Leaders: Creative Teams

11 Apr 2019

Creative Leaders: Creative Teams

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Thursday 11 April 2019, 9.30am-5pm

Does ever-increasing pressure to ‘do’ and to ‘lead’ in the day-job and on change initiatives make it difficult to be creative? It is when we’re under such pressure to deliver (and who isn’t these days?) that we most need to use our creativity and yet this is the first casualty.

We revert to the tried and tested, shut down possibilities and narrow the focus. Creativity is not some magical or mystical process, or gift. It is a natural human capability we all have but which is often limited by self-induced or external constraints. It includes inspiration, mindfulness and playfulness, the bravery to initiate a new idea, plus the persistence and confidence to take action in chaotic, complex and highly subjective environments.

Re-discover and recharge your creativity on this short, intensive workshop with the Royal West of England Academy, working with artists at the top of their creative game and with leadership and business development experts, Open Limits.


Who is this for?

Open programmes for senior business or technical leaders to step back from the job and project pressures, to reflect, explore their own creativity and share experiences with peers from other organisations.


Workshop outline 

(please note we also offer scheduled closed programmes especially for teams that can be customised to your organisational needs)

09.30:  Welcome to RWA - PROJECT 1: A group artistic project in 2 and 3D. Explore the normal suite of emotions and reactions that block or enable creativity, build on the creativity of others, find new levels of personal honesty and group authenticity, overcome initial inertia, fears and uncertainty and quickly build a confident, creative team.

12.30:  Lunch and private tour of the RWA Collection

13.30:  PROJECT 2: Project involving outdoor photography. Learn how to use constraint, structure and time pressure to remove blocks, hone deeper observational and interpretive skills, remove preconceptions and self-imposed limits and open up possibilities. Group reflection with artists and facilitators – exchange of ideas and techniques for generating and sustaining creative thinking, leading and working back in the office.

17.00: Close and after-hours private gallery tour



‘Working with the Academicians and my fellow corporate participants, I made some genuinely helpful discoveries about my own creative blocks. I can use what I have learned in so many ways, for myself in my leadership practice, for my team and wider organisation.’ - Mark Swain, Director of Henley
Partnerships, Henley Business School ‘A powerful, challenging and extremely rewarding day – a rare opportunity to meet with artists as fellow professionals,
share experiences across our very different disciplines.’ - Rob Campbell, CIO, CIPD
‘I realised that one of the keys to creativity for me and for my team is play. Positively frowned upon in my organisation! I can now see how I could create opportunities for play that would generate real innovation.’ - Karen Howard, Head of L&D, Capita
“A fantastic day away from the pressures of a demanding change programme. I left the workshop energised and looking at the world, and my challenges at work, through different eyes. Highly recommended.”- Alan Shrimpton, prior Emergency Services IT Director and now Interim CIO


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To book please contact Kate Foster, Head of Development, RWA on 0117 973 0938 or email


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