City, David Evans

School: QEH School

Year group: 11

This piece came from my mock, when I was asked to study my home city, and recreate it using elements which were important to me, or more accurately how I see it. I took inspiration a lot from an artist named Robert Rauschenberg, who similarly used bright colours and bold images. To create it I used Acrylic Paint and water for the background, Fine-liner pen for the features and colouring pencils too.

My second entry comes from a photo I took recently. My brief was to look at ‘crowds’ and the different sides they have. Unfortunately, because of the lockdown, I was not able to take any more photos which would enhance my pre-exisiting photos, so instead, I took a photo to highlight the difference between then and now.

For my 'waterportrait', I used pen and water to create an artist’s copy. I found it interesting as the running of the water made the picture very expressive, whilst the pen allowed there to be a blend of bold and soft lines.