Charlotte Price RWA: Of Soil and Sea

25 Mar 20 - 30 April 20

Charlotte Price RWA: Of Soil and Sea

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have had to cancel or postpone programmed exhibitions, including Of Soil and Sea, by RWA Academician Charlotte Price. However, we have instead put together a virtual exhibition of Charlotte's work, available to view below and to purchase here.

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As an independent charity which receives less than 2% of its running costs covered by core grants, we rely on ticket sales for a substantial portion of our income. With all of our exhibitions currently closed, the uncertainty ahead is a huge worry for those who work for us and with us. Your support, whether through buying art or making a donation, will make all the difference. 


About the exhibition

A free exhibition featuring works by RWA Academician Charlotte Price

Charlotte Price’s work belongs to the formal genre of landscape but it is in the observation of the fine detail of plant and soil that her interest lies, rather than the grander vista.

Her subject matter is the ruderal: the self-seeded plants that grow uninhibited at the edge of pathways and byways, at sites that are often rural and ancient.  The collected specimens are at the end of their natural life, deteriorated and often collapsing. Charlotte works with them in a range of media including drawing, printmaking and in the sculptural materials of clay, plaster and cement. The imagery is a visual metaphor for the associated cultural history of the location.

The exhibition also includes the Sierra Oat prints. This work was created after of a residency Charlotte undertook at Joya: AiR in the Sierra Maria-Los Vélez in Spain.  The site of the residency suggested possibilities to trace a footprint of its previous life as a working farm. However the resulting work was founded upon more current events. The abandonment of a recently planted oat crop that was now a field of broken and fruitless stubble. The ground that had been drenched in deluges of rain was left parched and hardened in the unprecedented heat of the summer. Everything was overlaid with a limestone dust.


Academicians' Gallery, RWA, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX

Charlotte Price RWA: Of Soil and Sea Gallery