Academician Candidates' Exhibition 2019

27 Sept - 1 Dec 19

Academician Candidates' Exhibition 2019

The RWA, as one of five Royal Academies in Great Britain and Ireland, has a membership of 150 Academicians. Academicians are an independent body of artists at the forefront of their profession, who have achieved excellence in their field, and who are committed to contributing to the future of the RWA. Academicians are elected on the basis that they are practicing artists of ability and experience, creators of artworks judged to be of a consistently high standard and willing to undertake the commitments and responsibilities of the elected membership.

Each year, we invite the shortlist of Academician Candidates to exhibit a selection of their recent works alongside the Annual Open Exhibition. During this time, the current Academician body will anonymously vote for the Candidates they would like to see become Academicians. The exhibition on our ground floor is also open to the public. Admission is free.

This year's Candidates are:

Becky Buchanan

Amanda Chambers

Martin Edwards

Lavinia Gallie

Dan Hunt

Rosalind Robinson

Clare Thatcher

Patricia Volk


Image: ClareThatcher, Sense of Place II, oil and pigments on plywood panels, 122x180cm

Academicians' Gallery, RWA, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX