Meet the Artist: Midge Naylor

7 Mar 2020

Meet the Artist: Midge Naylor

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Saturday 7 March 2020 11am–12:15pm

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Join RWA Academician Midge Naylor for an informal talk about her practice.

Midge comes from a town on the Firth of Forth east of Edinburgh and although she has lived in the West Country for more than 30 years the landscape of her early life with its mining and fishing industries has always had a strong influence on her work.

Writing about two aspects of her painting Midge says: ‘Lately the idea of a painting as a material object with a concentrated presence has become a big concern. In a complicated world of digital image-making and mechanical reproduction, there is to me a particular pleasure and emotive quality in a surface layered, scraped, rubbed and brushed. A haptic element increases the imaginary potential of the surface which can be both utterly physical and ethereal.’