Ros Cuthbert RWA: Making MathildaMathilda

10 Jul - 5 Aug 18

Ros Cuthbert RWA: Making MathildaMathilda

Ros Cuthbert RWA and her daughter Tomasin Cuthbert Menes, Artistic Director of Soap Soup Theatre, are bringing their varied skills together for the first time to work on a theatrical show funded by the Arts Council of England.

It is inspired by Ros’s thought provoking mixed media collage paintings and love of jazz. The show’s songs are being specially commissioned with lyrics by Ros who besides being an artist is an experienced jazz singer.

The show ‘MathildaMathilda’ will be a vibrant spectacle of song, visual theatre, puppetry, shadow work and beautiful design inspired by Ros’s paintings, and is scheduled to be launched in Spring 2019.

Based on a story about MathildaMathilda the two headed doll who comes to life, this exhibition shows Ros and Tomasin’s progress so far in storyboard, designs, paintings and puppets.

Tomasin is Artistic Director and Producer of Soap Soup Theatre, a Bristol based Theatre Company making visual theatre for predominantly family audiences. Soap Soup is enjoying a growing reputation and tours nationally. 

Admission is free.

Academicians' Gallery, RWA, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX

Ros Cuthbert RWA: Making MathildaMathilda Gallery