Paul Thirkell RWA: Shadow of a Dream

21 May – 23 June 2019

Paul Thirkell RWA: Shadow of a Dream

Paul's work weaves dream-like narratives drawn from graphic and photographic elements amassed within the annals of mass communication. It seeks to combine and reconfigure the visual codes that have transmitted so-called ‘factual information’ throughout the industrialised era of our culture. He is particularly interested in the way knowledge is presented, mediated and often molded by the parameters of media-based technologies.

Much of Paul's work is inspired by Nietzsche’s idea of Eternal Return, exploring cycles of growth and decay in nature, culture and politics. The images themselves combine elements re-appropriated through the medium of print to create narratives that take unexpected twists and turns, often with a wry and somewhat surreal pinch of humor. Colour also plays a significant role: from the bold hues of Pop Art through to the glowing colour harmonies of Kandinsky and Klee.


Admission is free.


Paul Thirkell RWA: Shadow of a Dream Gallery