Drawing Europe Together

5 Feb - 8 Mar 20

Drawing Europe Together

A free exhibition at Bristol's oldest art gallery, featuring artwork by 45 leading children's book illustrators

Drawing Europe Together is an exhibition of artworks created by 45 children’s book illustrators from across Europe who have shared their powerful visions of the European Union's shared past and its unsure future. This is a passionate and heartfelt exploration of Europe and what it means to many of the people who live and work within its borders.

From Brexit bees to wall-jumping bulls, Drawing Europe Together is a unique portrayal of the European community . . . with or without Britain.



'Meet my Friends' © Quentin Blake

'My Proposal for a European Heraldic Animal the EU-le' © Axel Scheffler

© Judith Kerr

Drawing Europe Together Front Cover

'Europa, Sceptical' © Jutta Bauer

'United in Diversity' © Catherine Rayner

Cube Gallery and Link Space, RWA, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX

Drawing Europe Together Gallery